In this webinar, Dr Anthony Chang, Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer and Medical Director in the USA, will be joined by Dr Steve Hambleton, a GP, Digital Health CRC Board Member and leading e-health advocate in Australia. Their conversation, facilitated by radio host Alexi Boyd, will compare and contrast AI Med (Artificial Intelligence in medicine) readiness in Australia with the rest of the globe.

The discussion will focus on key themes that emerged from the recent AIMed Europe Summit, where a key topic of discussion was ‘Beyond the AI hype’. Insights include:

  • In most countries, the ongoing data conundrum remains an impediment to AI being fully deployed.
  • Great algorithms can yield zero patient benefit.
  • The hype of deep learning is almost over and now reality is setting in on AI with impact for patients.
  • Education of AI should begin early in schools as well as being part of medical education for both medical school students and clinicians in practice.
  • Knowledge, not just big data, should be part of AI in medicine.
  • Accuracy of AI tools should be coupled with outcomes and behaviour for meaningful usage.

Watch the webinar recording.