The Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) has today launched a new website, the Telehealth Hub which will help clinicians, health professionals and health consumers to access and deliver telehealth services in Australia more effectively.

In the face of COVID19, rapid adoption of telehealth has been an essential tool in the delivery of health care services.

The website came about following the DHCRC’s hugely successful telehealth webinar series in response to COVID-19, which ran from 24 March to 21 April.

These webinars featured telehealth experts and clinicians who shared their experience and tips on getting up to speed in telehealth effectively and rapidly.

The idea for the website emerged from the Q&A sessions and chat forum within the webinars.
Many participants (most of them members of Australia’s health community), as well as our expert presenters, shared hundreds of useful links, resources, and recommendations for materials to support their colleagues, professionals, and consumers to access and deliver telehealth services effectively.

The site was created through a collaboration between Curtin University, La Trobe University and the DHCRC.

The team quickly mobilised highly skilled people to check, collate and index the crowd-sourced information and develop this website.

The team has acknowledged the numerous government agencies, professional bodies, organisations, and individuals who have contributed to the resources shared on the new Telehealth site, and is inviting users to add to, update and correct any information on the site. Questions, corrections and suggestions can be made via the online Contact form.