This webinar will provide a practical guide for health professions researchers who are new to social media, or established users who wish to enhance their professional use of social media.

Several topics will be covered:

1. Developing a professional social media profile;
2. Dissemination and communication designed for the social media audience;
3. Impact and influence; and,
4. Managing your social media time and engagement.

A range of social media channels will be discussed and critiqued. For those already using Twitter, the webinar will be simultaneously presented on Twitter using the hashtag #DHCRC with numbered posts authored by the presenter @RhondaWilsonMHN for real time engagement with the topic and webinar participants.

Watch the webinar recording.

More about the presenter’s work can be found on these social media channels:

ResearchGate: Rhonda_Wilson3

Twitter: @RhondaWilsonMHN

Facebook: @EMentalHealthNurse and @ResearchReady


LinkedIn: Dr Rhonda Wilson RN