Research Themes

Purpose and research themes Potential outcomes

While the research agenda will be shaped around industry partners’ challenges and opportunities, it is expected that the potential outcomes will be in the following three major areas:


1. Improve health, welfare, quality of life, and wellbeing of citizens through

  a. Improved safety & quality in the provision of healthcare & social services

   b. Increased participation of consumers in all aspects of their health & healthcare

   c. Prevention: reduction in unnecessary procedures & drug interventions

   d. Improved medicines adherence/persistence

   e. Getting sick and injured people back to their regular daily activities faster


2. Improve the efficiency & integrity of Health Services

   a. Reduce fraud, abuse, waste and errors

   b. Ensure efficient and complete data flows to enable seamless care


3. Increase the value of every health dollar spent

   a. Direct majority of funding to appropriate and timely care

   b. Reduce consumer out-of-pocket health expenses

   c. Increase the value derived from public & private health insurance


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