Have a concept for a project or want to get involved in an existing program?

All of our participants can apply for investment in projects.  Participants are the parties that have formally joined DHCRC by signing a DHCRC Core Participant Agreement or Additional Participant Agreement.

Our Research and Education Investment Framework (REIF) defines how DHCRC will engage with its participants to formulate and deliver projects.  This is via a two-step process which begins with a Project Concept Proposal (PCP), followed by a Project Plan.

Project concepts need to fit within our Research and Development Matrix and, within this, our Flagship Programs.  These have been derived over the past few months through several workshops conducted as part of a consultation process to refine where we should target areas for research and education investment.

Our projects need to have an industry focus and require at least one university and one industry participant.  Our desire is to create a portfolio of projects within each Flagship Program, with many that are cooperative and have multiple industry participants. Projects also need to fit our Funding Guidelines. To assist you, we have developed some scenarios which are detailed here.

We are actively working with our participants to develop cross-jurisdictional projects within our Flagship Programs that leverage our national reach.  We will keep all participants informed of these developments and encourage your participation.

We invite you to speak with us to establish how any concepts you have fit within our Flagship Programs.  We suggest that you do this prior to preparing a PCP.  We will also be approaching you as concepts are presented to us where we think that they align with your interests.

Email ideas or completed PCPs to info@digitalhealthcrc.com.

Want to get involved in DHCRC?

If you are interested in becoming a DHCRC participant, please contact us at info@digitalhealthcrc.com for information.

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