Using practice analytics to understand variation and support reflective practice

Flagship Program: Transparency of Data to Optimise Clinical Practice and Referral

Project Description

This project focuses on how data extracted from systems such as Patient Administration Systems can be used by clinical teams and individuals to engage in reflective practice, reduce variation and support performance improvement. The project focusses on co-design and engagement with clinical teams. 

Project Objectives

  • Understand what data is most likely to be useful in performance feedback and continuous practice enhancement. 
  • Optimise how performance data extracted from administrative and other data sources can be used to support ongoing performance improvement by clinical teams. 
  • Determine the acceptability of different tools / processes / mechanisms for feeding back performance data to individual clinicians and healthcare teams. 
  • Evaluate the viability of integrating performance data into routine practice and linking with smart education etc. 
  • Explore how performance data can be linked to professional development requirements outlined in the Medical Board of Australia’s Professional Performance Framework. 

Industry Participant

Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Kerri Brown, Director, Professional Practice Directorate

Cabrini Health Australia
Dr David Rankin

Adventist Healthcare
Jeanette Conley

St John of God Health Care Inc
Andrew Mews

Other Project Participants

Research Participant

The University of Sydney
Professor Tim Shaw

Monash University
Professor Dragan Gasevic

Project Value: