Understanding the value of electronic health data among health sector stakeholders

Flagship Program: Transparency of Data to Optimise Clinical Practice and Referral

Project Description

Over the last decade, the quantity of electronic data collected within the health sector has increased exponentially. This has included an increasing availability of new electronic data sources in health care, as well as the development of new information communication technologies (ICTs) for interacting with and using electronic health data. New data sources include, but are not limited to, electronic health records (EHRs), private health insurance (PHI) claims data and data from wearable devices such as smart watches. This project aims to better understand the attitudes of health professionals towards the use of different types of electronic health data for informing decision making. It will look specifically at the attitudes of general practitioners and specialists towards the use of PHI data to make data-informed decisions relating to patient care. 

Project Objectives

  • Explore the attitudes of doctors towards the use of administrative health data for performance feedback. 
  • Understand the data literacy level of doctors for interpreting performance data for use in clinical practice and performance improvement. 
  • Investigate different methods of presenting performance data to doctors for informing decisions related to patient care. 

Industry Participant

Lorica Health
Daniel Cooper Head of Consulting and Research

Other Project Participants

Research Participant

The University of Sydney
Tim Shaw Professor of eHealth and Director of Research in Implementation Science and eHealth

Project Value: