Review of Existing and Emerging Technological Trends in Digital Health Care Delivery

Flagship Program: Enabling Information Discovery and Application

Project Description

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has imposed new barriers to consumers accessing healthcare services, with visits to GPs and specialists declining significantly in this period resulting in concerns that adequate care is not being achieved.
Technological solutions including telehealth are in a key position to overcome some of these barriers and have been rapidly rolled out in response. Moreover, these technologies may have a valuable role in healthcare delivery post-COVID.
This project seeks to review the rapidly evolving space of digital health technologies which are presently available and emerging within the next five to ten years. It seeks to capture the trends within this space which can enable better prevention, early intervention, monitor recovery and understand the quality of the delivered service. It will also examine the barriers and facilitators which have allowed for the rapid adoption of these solutions in recent times, including the hardware and frameworks which enable the delivery of such technologies.
The developed knowledge would provide guidance to understand technologies and themes which could be of interest for further research and development.

Project Objectives

The overarching aim for this project is to:
Identify emerging digital health technologies that could be applied to the insurance industry, their clients and adjacent markets. The research objectives are to:
Detail past (~3 years) and current healthcare service delivery methods and recent changes.
Explore emerging technologies which are now being deployed or investigated (forward looking up to 5-10 years).

Understand the capabilities of the technologies in regards to prevention, early intervention, recovery monitoring and identifying those at risk of decline.
Overview barriers and facilitators to adoption of these new technologies and the effects of recent events (e.g. COVID-19) on these barriers and facilitators.
Build upon previous IAG Health Ecosystem environment scans.

Industry Participant

Insurance Australia Group Ltd (IAG)
Cecilia Warren, Director, Research and Development

Other Project Participants

Research Participant

Western Sydney University
Paul Breen, Associate Professor, Program Leader – Biomedical and Human Technologies

Project Value: