Reimagining health care in Australia, the journey from telehealth to 21st century design

Flagship Program: Changing Health Trajectories in Chronic Disease

Project Description

Australia has seen a rapid acceleration of virtual care capacity as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. While the pandemic has incited a willingness amongst consumers, practitioners, providers and government to explore the application of virtual care, there remains a lack of clarity around the role of and aspirations for virtual healthcare design and delivery in Australia. This project aims to define the priority activities required to ensure Australia embeds virtual/tele/digital capabilities into the ‘new normal’ of healthcare delivery. It will examine the impact (including quality and safety, economics, social, technical infrastructure, industry, governance) of the government and industry-led policy and service delivery changes in response to COVID-19, and provide direction for future digital healthcare delivery in Australia, anchored in the patient experience.
Through this thought-leadership piece, we will identify key themes and directions in virtual health care redesign and delivery, informed by consumer insights, to support future service development and research.

Project Objectives

The long-term objective of this project is to provide a foundation for DHCRC participants’ future research project proposals and potential policy change in virtual care.
The aims include to:

• Position the DHCRC, Deloitte, CHF and Curtin as driving the debate in Australia on the post-COVID-19 digital health ecosystem
• Review the outcomes and perceived value of reactive COVID-19 digital health initiatives and enablers
• Better understand consumer attitudes, expectations, preferences and experiences of healthcare and virtual care to inform directions in future healthcare delivery and redesign
• Define Australia’s aspirations and next steps in virtual care delivery informed by consumer insights.

Industry Participant

Luke Baxby, Partner, Health & Human Services

Other Project Participants

Consumer Health Forum (CHF)
Leanne Wells, CEO

Research Participant

Curtin University
Professor Suzanne Robinson, Theme Leader Health Systems and Health Economics

Project Value: