Foundational data science for US Medicaid research

Flagship Program: Enabling Information Discovery and Application

Project Description

Through Digital Health CRC, HMS is providing access to Medicaid data from several US states for research. This project addresses foundational questions regarding governance, hosting, auditing, data exploration, data cleaning and modelling. 

Project Objectives

  • Clean, document, curate and maintain the HMS Medicaid data collection
  • Support Digital Health CRC researchers in accessing and utilizing the HMS Medicaid data collection to answer research questions of interest to HMS and Medicaid agencies
  • Contribute to research projects in starting phase, while projects are being staffed, and provide on-going research support in the areas of machine learning, text mining and health analytics
  • Support Digital Health CRC researchers in the utilization of both standard and high-performance computing in the AWS environment
  • Support and monitor RONIN/AWS users

Industry Participant

Bill Lucia, Chairman, President and CEO; Donna Price, Senior Vice President, New Markets

Other Project Participants

Research Participant

Macquarie University
Associate Professor Mark Dras, Department of Computing

Project Value: