Engagement and Behavior modification of patients with Atrial Fibrillation for improved health outcomes.

Flagship Program: Changing Health Trajectories in Chronic Disease

Project Description

The Project will evaluate, adapt and customise for Australia an existing engagement protocol originally developed by HMS for its health engagement services (“Eliza”) for use in the US to improve outcomes for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) patients through engagement and behaviour modification (‘Engagement Protocol’). Using Eliza, it will also examine the effectiveness of various channels for communication in an Australian patient population. To undertake the Project, the team will engage, assess, provide disease and treatment education, and treatment support, for approximately 350 existing and newly diagnosed AFib patients, with the goals of: (1) guiding patients after discharge from hospital wards and/or the Rapid Access Arrhythmia Clinic (RAAC) into community GP practices for care and management; and (2) reducing symptoms and complications of AFib, including inappropriate Emergency Department (ED) utilization, poor anti-coagulation management and increased risk of stroke. It is envisaged that the resultant Engagement Protocol will ensure patient compliance with treatment plans, including medication adherence, attendance at regular office visits, timely completion of assessments and testing, and decreased ED utilization. Engagement will seek to gather patient reported information, including behaviours and health perceptions, barriers to care and social determinants of health.

Project Objectives

IMPACT OF INTERVENTION [PhD and Project Officer (PO)]

A. Evaluate the effectiveness of protocols on AFib patients’ compliance with treatment and secondary prevention programs.

ACCEPTABILITY IN LOCAL CONTEXT [PhD and PO with HMS Engagement Design team]

A. Examine the acceptability, utility and potential effectiveness of different channels of communication (e.g., SMS, IVR) in an Australian patient population and major sub-groups of an Australian population.

B. Characterise behaviours that can be modified and strategies to improve engagement for target population and sub-groups. 

Industry Participant

Donna Price, Vice President

Other Project Participants

Research Participant

University of Sydney
Clara Chow, Professor of Medicine & Academic Director WARC

Project Value: