Devising algorithms for a personalised digital community healthcare model

Flagship Program: Changing Health Trajectories in Chronic Disease

Project Description

This project will develop innovative algorithms to assist improved decision-making and personalise care by healthcare professionals in the community and primary care sector. The research activities will be focused on the AISquared and MINDtick platforms that are currently deployed independently in community mental health services.

The AISquared platform brings utility and adds real-world value to electronic health record (EHR) data from the Australian Government’s My Health Record initiative. The platform applies algorithms to patients’ EHR data consolidated in My Health Record to help community healthcare professionals anticipate who might be at risk of relapse ahead of time.

The Mindtick platform facilitates continuous health assessments during individuals’ day-to-day lives, and delivers in-the-moment interventions in a personalised manner. Since individuals have their phone with them most of the time, they can be prompted to complete an assessment or be persuaded to engage in a particular intervention at virtually any time.

This project will create new tools by harnessing the data in MINDtick and AISquared, devising algorithms that lead to improved decision support and early intervention opportunities, and integrating these tools within existing programs to enable a personalised digital community healthcare model.

In community health clinic settings, these tools will guide case managers to better manage caseloads, prioritise patients for discharge and incorporate additional insights on patients’ health and behaviours outside the clinic, in order to further personalise decisions and monitor patient health trajectories and outcomes.

Project Objectives

Use data from AISquared and Mindtick platform to devise algorithms that lead to improved decision support and early intervention opportunities. Create and integrate new tools within MINDtick and AISquared platforms to enable a personalised digital community health care model.

Industry Participant

John N. Fouyaxis, Director and Chief Technology Officer

Other Project Participants

Research Participant

Flinders University
Niranjan Bidargaddi, Associate Professor of Personal Health Informatics at College of Medicine and Public Health

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