David Jonas Chief Executive

David Jonas is the CEO of the Digital Health CRC. He was the founding Head of the Health Market Quality R&D program of the Capital Markets CRC, and the founding CEO of Lorica Health on whose Board he continues to serve. David is a non-executive director of Infoxchange, a social enterprise that delivers technology solutions and services to the NGO sector and large government departments. David’s background includes founding and building Australia’s first e-commerce and e-government consulting company. He spent 7 years as the CTO of a large multi-national group of companies. He has served on the European Union’s Global Business Dialogue on the Information Economy, the Australia-Singapore Joint IT Council, the Australian Government’s National Authentication Expert Group and IT Security Expert Advisory Group, and the National Electronic Health Transition Authority’s Privacy Roundtable.

Associate Professor Federico Girosi Chief Scientist & Director of Research

The Chief Scientist and Director of Research for the Digital Health CRC, Federico holds a PhD in Health Policy from Harvard University and a PhD in Physics from the University of Genoa, Italy. He is currently the Head of Research of the Health Market Quality program at Capital Markets CRC and an Associate Professor at the Translational Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University. Prior to joining Western Sydney University in 2011 he worked at the RAND Corporation, where, among other projects, he led the team that developed the COMPARE micro-simulation model for the analysis of the ‘Obama Care’ health insurance reform. He has extensive experience in modelling health benefits and costs, as well as an established background in data science, which he gained by conducting research for 10 years at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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