Thursday 25 March, 6-7.30pm (AEDT)

The complexity of a research project can be overwhelming. With so many moving parts, the task of trying to keep track of the components of your project – and ensure they fit together coherently – is incredibly demanding. In this webinar you’ll learn how to use a free digital platform – Stormboard – to build an engaging visual summary of your academic research project.

Following requests for a digital version of the Research Design Canvas, Dr Ben Ellway from Academic Toolkit has teamed up with Stormboard to build the canvas into their platform. You can now create a digital, editable, shareable and saveable version of your work in the cloud.

This webinar will be a live demonstration of how to use the Research Design Canvas template in Stormboard. Whether you have just started, are six months to a year into your PhD, or almost finished, you’ll benefit from learning how to create a coherent summary of your research project.

In this free webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Register for a free Stormboard account
  • Immediately begin building your research project in Stormboard
  • Identify a ‘starting’ point so you can proceed with confidence or progress a stalled project
  • Summarise, organise, and connect the components of your research
  • Use Stormboard functions – add and edit digital sticky notes, save your canvas to modify later, and share / print your digital file.

Want to get a headstart and prepare for the webinar now? Read Ben’s blog post, create a free account at Stormboard, and download and print the canvas.


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Facilitator: Dr Ben Ellway

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Canberra. I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge. I have taught research classes at the doctoral and masters level, and I regularly conduct research seminars and workshops. My experience has taught me that research is complex and can be incredibly challenging, often resulting in a long, uncertain, and frustrating process. Through Academic Toolkit I aim to make the process of planning, designing, writing, and publishing research both easier and more enjoyable.

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