Two contracted positions – Project Officer / Assistant Director (Australian Public Servant Level 6 / Executive Level 1 equivalent).

The Health Economics and Research Division of the Department of Health requires two contractors to assist with work in the Data and Analytics Branch. These positions will be located in the Health Informatics Section.

• Two contracted positions, Project Officer / Assistant Director ($83,420 – $116, 916 plus superannuation, commensurate with relevant experience)

• Located in Woden, ACT

Eligibility Information:

• Australian citizenship.

• A National Police Certificate no greater than 12 months old must be provided before commencement of services.

• These vacancies can be filled on a part-time or full-time basis.

Branch Responsibilities:

The Data and Analytics Branch is responsible for five principal functions:

1. data policy, covering advice on legislation, consent, privacy and security

2. data development, including gaining access to new data sources and improving existing data sets

3. providing analysis services to the department and external organisations, covering analysis to assist program evaluation and policy development, geospatial services and data visualisation

4. research and development, particularly applying new analysis methods to areas relevant to the department

5. capability development, including skills development for existing staff, recruitment of analysis specialists and, together with the Information Technology Division, advising on IT infrastructure and tools for analysis.

Section Responsibilities:

The Health Informatics Section works across the data collection and use spectrum. We undertake inventories of the data sets which exist, how they are generated, who uses them and for what purpose. We identify priorities, knowledge gaps, duplication of effort and misalignment and work with stakeholders to make improvements to data governance and data quality. We identify and make recommendations about public health policy which could be used to makes changes to data collections.

We work with Australian Government partners, peak groups, universities, software vendors and others to improve the software which clinicians use, and how they use it. We work with clinician and patient representatives to make sure data are being released and used appropriately. We work with PHNs, NPS MedicineWise, universities and others to use these data for insights which feed into policy development. Our aim is to create partnerships between the health care sector and the Australian Government to create meaningful improvements in health service delivery. We are working to improve practitioner wellbeing, patient care and system efficiency, and to develop practitioner and patient trust in how their data are accessed, shared and used.

About the positions:

These are new positions. One position will focus on data access, improvement and analysis. The other position will focus on data governance. The aim of these positions is to engage with key research organisations working in the data use and data governance space. In particular, the applicants will work with the University of Sydney and the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre to help to identify and complete projects of mutual interest to these organisations and the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Key Responsibilities:

Data access, improvement and analysis position

• Develop an understanding of:

– the data sets which exist in the health sector
– how data are generated, including through the software clinicians use
– who uses the data, such as clinicians, PHNs and funding bodies
– how data are used, such as for accreditation, quality improvement, needs assessments and funding

• Identify opportunities to build partnerships which identify priorities, knowledge gaps, misalignment and reduce duplicated effort

• Work with Australian Government partners, peak groups, software vendors, researchers including the University of Sydney, the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre, clinicians and patients to enhance the quality, accessibility and usefulness of data to optimise its impact on health services

• Identify opportunities to use data where knowledge gaps exist

• Undertake analysis of data sets to provide policy insights

Data Governance Position

• Identify where data are currently being collected and shared, and then work with stakeholders to improve the overarching governance across these collections

• Identify opportunities to build partnerships which identify priorities, knowledge gaps, misalignment and reduce duplicated effort

• Provide advice on improving data governance including on:

– legislation
– consent
– provenance
– linkage
– release
– use

• Work with Australian Government partners, researchers including the University of Sydney, the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre, peak groups, software vendors, clinicians and patients, and work with them on projects, which improve health data governance.

A copy of the Section’s work program and structure is available on request.

Key Capabilities:

• Some health policy experience or familiarity with health policy issues

• Demonstrated understanding of key issues relating to data governance (Data governance position only)

• Demonstrated understanding of health data sets, and how they are generated and used (Data access, improvement and analysis position only)

• Demonstrated ability to undertake data analysis (Data access, improvement and analysis position only)

• Demonstrated persuasive written and verbal communication skills

• Demonstrated comprehensive research, interpretation and critical analysis skills

• Strong organisational skills, with an ability to adapt to evolving work priorities, working with minimal supervision

• Ability to operate effectively as part of a team

• Ability to gain knowledge about software systems

• Ability to undertake about once per month interstate travel to attend workshops and meetings

Desirable Qualifications:

• Tertiary qualifications in a relevant field, e.g. health economics, data science, statistics, law, medical science.

How to Apply:

Please provide a current CV, a written statement of claims (maximum 500 words) against the key capabilities, and details of two or more referees. Please advise of your existing part-time or full-time status intentions in your statement of claims.

Contact Officer:
Barbara Whitlock
02 6289 7447
[email protected]

Applications to be submitted to:
Alice James
02 6289 4935
[email protected]

Closing Date: midnight Monday 12 August 2019

About employment with the Commonwealth Department of Health

The Commonwealth Department of Health is an equal opportunity employer. Our workplace culture values and champions the experiences, skills and perspectives of all employees. We support flexible work, and encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and those with caring and parenting responsibilities to apply so we better represent the community that we serve. We aim to increase our representation of Indigenous Australians and employees with disability by having accessible processes, policies and practices, as well as utilising affirmative measures and the RecruitAbility scheme.