Digital health (including health informatics and health technology) has now become one of the most thriving sectors, as nationally and globally we start leveraging the power of technology to improve our health systems. The need for a strong digital health workforce is more pressing than ever. This workforce is not only required to design and implement new technologies in the health care setting, but also to drive cultural change and awareness. However, many trying to enter this sector as a career path have found it far from straightforward and at times even confusing.

The digital health sector brings together healthcare professionals, technologists, managers, researchers and many others, to work collaboratively to solve the challenges facing our healthcare system. Hear from Dr Amandeep Hansra, a GP and digital health enthusiast, who will share her creative journey from clinics to the cloud. She will not only discuss her path but present opportunities for those interested in a career in this exciting space, and touch on what needs to be done to ensure we have a thriving digital health workforce, ready to champion the use of technology to achieve better health outcomes for all.

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