A letter from David Jonas

General 6 February 2019

Dear colleagues, partners and supporters,

This marks my final note as CEO of the Digital Health CRC before passing the baton to
Dr Victor Pantano on February 7th.

Over the past ten years I have had the privilege of leading both the Capital Markets and
Digital Health CRCs decisive moves into providing solutions and skilled human capital to
Health markets.

An R&D partnership
While this commenced with an Australian focus, we are now succeeding in injecting Australian know-how into international markets through the commercial efforts of CMCRC’s Lorica Health company, and the collaborative R&D program of the DHCRC. None this would have been possible without the vision and commitment of an extraordinary and pioneering group of public and private sector industry partners, and universities as well as the Commonwealth Government’s CRC Program. The latter represents, in my opinion, the best investment that Australian taxpayers make in R&D. It is a unique program that assures effective industry and university co-investment and collaboration, delivers value to all contributors and the Australian community as a whole, and, in notable instances, creates new world-beating companies, products and solutions.

The way ahead
The DHCRC was ‘born’ a mere seven months ago and this short period has been marked by the huge level of activity required to establish an undertaking of this size, and to develop with industry and university partners the R&D program blueprints to prioritise and guide the efforts of the Centre as it moves forward.  Our very first projects will
commence in a matter of weeks and I am confident that towards the end of our first year, a critical mass of projects will have been commissioned.

I am grateful to all our stakeholders for keeping their faith in the full and certain understanding that the vision we articulated in our bid is achievable:

The challenge for all nations is to maximise the diffusion of improved health technologies while reigning in runaway costs. In Australia, this is exacerbated by diverse approaches to funding and delivery of health and related care services across jurisdictions and programs. This results in a highly fragmented information system that compromises
healthcare planning, management and delivery at an individual and systemic level.

Turning these challenges into opportunities lies at the heart of the DHCRC’s R&D programs. The DHCRC will deliver increased effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare while growing and spawning health & medical services & technology businesses to take advantage of a digital health market that will grow internationally at over 25.9% compound annual growth rate to reach $379bn by 2024 (Hendersen et al -2016).

Thank you
I want to place on record my deep personal thanks to the phenomenal women and men that I have had the privilege of working with over the past ten years.  This includes my colleagues, Board members, industry, university and other partners and supporters, and those connected with the CRC Program at both a Government and Association level. I hope to remain actively involved in this ‘adventure’ as it unfolds.


David Jonas

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