Flying Blind 2 report launched

Events 6 December 2018

Thank you to all our partners and collaborators who joined us for the launch of Flying Blind 2 on November 29 2018.  

Flying Blind 2, the second volume in our digital health series, offers a way forward with a series of recommendations to enhance health and medical research in Australia, saving lives and saving dollars. The report proposes:

  1. A harmonised process of data governance that provides a path from collection to researchers, and that ensures privacy and confidentiality are maintained

  2. Appointing organisations to act as data holding organisations for both structured and unstructured data

  3. Creating Accredited Release Agencies to build data collections suitable for research

  4. Privacy, Security, Confidentiality by Design

  5. Publicly accessible protocols so that all Australians can see how health data is used, and how it is making a difference.

  6. A single national data rich access point for researchers, that would also benefit the healthcare and health technology sectors.

We are grateful to Professor Christine Bennett AO for officially launching, the report as well as our speakers for the evening, David Wright, Dr Uma Srinivasan, Nadia Levin and David Jonas.

You can listen to Dr Uma Srinivasan’s radio interview about the report here.

Read the full report

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