Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for all, through evidence.


What We Do

Empower patients

Improve understanding of health risks in individuals and communities

Support clinical practice

Improve system efficiency

Improve access to quality care

Develop Australia’s future digital health workforce

How We Do It

We partner with universities, industry and government to deliver transformational outcomes through expertise in health data research and knowledge application.

The best and brightest PhD researchers are embedded with partner organisations to solve complex problems and deliver change.

Research Areas

Changing health trajectories in chronic disease

Transparency of data to optimise clinical practice and referral

Intelligent decision support to improve value and efficiency

Enabling information discovery and application

Changing health trajectories in chronic disease in rural and remote settings

Digitally coordinated and supported rehabilitation management

Digitally supported and coordinated aged care management



University Partners

Government and Industry Partners

Latest News

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